Friday, November 11, 2005

I'm back!

A huge news story this morning has prompted Bellhorn at Bat to return after my extended sabbatical. (In the interim, Mark Bellhorn finished out the season in Yankee pinstripes and I'm moving out of Boston, so this blog name may have to change soon..). What great news could finally rouse me to post again? The Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq have reconciled and agreed to live together in peace? George Bush and Dick Cheney held a press conference finally admitting that they "really dropped the ball" on the whole Iraqi war reconstruction plan? Katie Holmes announces she's broken up with Tom Cruise in a press release entitled "What Was I Smoking?" No, sadly, none of these, but, in blockbuster news today, scientists have named a newly-discovered lemur species after John Cleese! Five years ago, I watched the documentary where John Cleese was sent to Madagascar to learn about lemurs -- and pass along this information to us in his inimitable way. It was great: lemurs are fascinating and John Cleese is quite possibly the funniest human on the planet. So I'm pleased to find out that he's been honored this way.

You can visit Cleese's website here. There's some fun stuff there, including lemur-related material.

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