Thursday, September 01, 2005

Whew, I'm Still Not a Conservative!

Yesterday, I was watching the footage of looters in the hurricane-stricken areas, and, without warning, this thought crept into my head: Geez, there's a major crisis and these people decide it's an invitation to start stealing? What has happened to our morals? I was a little surprised, and thinking what a conservative old goat I had indeed turned into. Until I saw some of the right-wing bloggers' responses, and was reminded yet again that American conservatism has been redefined so far right as to be nuzzling up to, say, Mussolini. Here's some sample commentary brought to you by Ankle-Biting Pundits, the kind of folks who made it necessary for Bush to pretend to create a "compassionate" form of conservatism:

Anyone caught looting (and I don't mean the folks getting food or water or other survival items) should get a bullet between their eyes. Once word gets around that they're being shot on sight, you won't see these human scum going down the flooded street with new Air Jordans or big screen TV's.

How charming. Yes, indeed, we should institute the death penalty for stealing. No really, that's what one of the other posters really thinks:

We have Marshall Law there. I would have no problem with the classic 'shoot looters on sight' kind of Marshall Law.

Marshall Law? Is that like the Marshall Plan?

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