Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tonight's speech

Important speech tonight for Bush, as he tries to ease fears about how things are going in Iraq and convince the public that we need to keep our troops there. Unfortunately, the difficulties in Iraq -- the fact that the insurgency continues apace in spite of the January elections, efforts by newly-trained Iraqi forces to help quell the insurgency, and Dick Cheney's insulting predictions -- is leading some politicians to grandstand on Iraq. Calling to remove US troops at this point is both stupid and cowardly, and I wish Democrats would stop suggesting it. And the Republican "freedom fries" guy, who first mindlessly supported the war because the president said so, and who now mindlessly calls to abandon Iraq before we're done with our responsibilities there. For a better analysis than I can offer of the problems that would likely ensue if we left too soon, see here (hint: think Lebanon).

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