Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tonight's speech, continued

What is really needed is an honest assessment by the President of where we are and a thoughtful, nuanced but well-argued case for staying the course. Unfortunately, I have no faith that Bush can do this. This Administration is simply allergic to admitting it's not all knowing and all powerful. And it seems to truly believe that the best way to assuage the public's fears is to pat us all the head and say, tut tut now, don't you worry your little heads about these grown-up matters, we'll take care of everything. Just go back to shopping or whatever it is you little people do. Daddy and Uncle Dick will take care of everything.

I'm tired of being talked down to by this Administation and frustrated at their inability to properly defend their own foreign policy. I don't think you'd see so much anxiety about Iraq if the Administration had been more upfront about what to expect. You know that cliche about how to perform at work: underpromise and overperform? The Administration has continued to overpromise and underperform (based on the expectations set by their promises) on Iraq, so no wonder people are frustrated.

What we really need from the President is strength, but strength supported and tempered by an honest evaluation of where we are and how difficult the path ahead may be. If we get that, though, it'll be a first. I predict more platitudes ("the insurgents hate freedom"), banalities ("I think about Iraq every day"), and unsupported assurances that everything will be all right.

But we'll see...maybe after this rant, I'll be pleasantly surprised.

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