Monday, June 20, 2005

Is there a more over-rated political commentator than Mickey Kaus? Today he offers a jaw-droppingly contorted interpretation of the Bolton nomination fight on the Hill. Here's the set up: An article in yesterday's Washington Post says that the State Department is moving forward with several policies that had suffered during John Bolton's tenure there -- policies that would be favored by Bolton foes, such as a deal to prevent Russian nuclear material from getting into the hands of terrorists. The article suggests that Bolton was the stopper on this and other arms control efforts, some of which were even supported by the president, and his absence is allowing the State Department to make progress. Obvious conclusion: Bolton was not always a force for good at State. But this is not what Kaus, mental contortionist extraordinaire, sees. No, he sees another chance to blast Democrats, this time for being hypocrites because they are focused on opposing Bolton's nomination to the U.N., rather than admitting that his nomination has had a positive effect on arms control policies that many Dems favor. Yes, that's right, according to Kaus, those lousy Democrats should be praising the Bush Administration's policy of solving a problem at the State Department by making him the U.N.'s problem. What brilliance! If only the Democrats were unpartisan enough to admit this!

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