Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Good Red Sox vs Bad Red Sox

Yesterday we saw the Red Sox being good and the Red Sox being very bad. In the realm of their actual jobs -- playing and winning baseball games -- they were an embarrassment, playing some of the worst baseball ever seen since, well, since the previous night's game against St. Louis. (Maybe Edgar Renteria convinced his new teammates to lay down and roll over for Renteria's old teammates, to assuage any bad feelings that the Cardinals might have about their role as the minor speed bump on the 2004 Red Sox's road to glory.)

On the other hand, in their secondary role as media stars (and possibly as role models for kids), they were very good. Their appearance on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was actually a little tame and boring in parts, but it was great to see major sports stars sending the message that being gay is not evil or "anti-family". Johnny Damon, easily the most metrosexual Red Sox player, was actually quoted in a San Fransciso paper saying, "If there's a gay guy in baseball, we have to help him out." It was fun to see Jason Varitek, the straightest of straight guys, good-humoredly (is that a word?) submitting to a back waxing by a couple of swishy gay guys.

Since professional sports are one of the strongest hold outs against "out of the closet" homosexuality, it's pretty cool to see macho World Series champions sending the message that, while they're not gay, of course, that doesn't mean they can't have fun hanging around with guys who are.

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