Thursday, May 05, 2005

This blog's namesake

I haven't actually posted about the man in whose honor this blog is named. I'm listening to the Red Sox play the Detroit Tigers (having figured out how to listen and work), and, as Mark Bellhorn walked to the plate, the announcer said: So far, Bellhorn has walked and fanned [struck out, for you non-baseball people]. Very nicely summarizing Mark Bellhorn at bat.

I was sorry for a while that I chose to name this blog something so pointless and obscure, but perhaps the connection is that Mark Bellhorn is a non-flashy, but valuable team player? Or that he whiffs a lot, but occasionally hits one out of the ballpark. Or maybe it's just that he always looks vaguely disheveled.

I know that his nickname is PigPen, but having never met him, how do you know that he whiffs a lot?

Thank you very much for writing "a lot" as two words.
You're welcome. I have had it hammered into my brain sufficiently, I guess.
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