Friday, April 15, 2005

Yeah, I'm kinda sick of it too

Over at, King Kaufman writes about the latest Yankees-Red Sox series -- as all sports reporters and columnists are contractually obligated to do -- and declares he's "just about Yankee-Red Soxed out." Hmm, yeah, I was thinking the same thing last night, while watching the umpteenth at-bat of chinless-wonder Jorge Posada. I wonder when was the last time these two teams played 6 out of their first 9 games against each other? It's getting to be a bit much, even for me, and I milked the Red Sox "greatest comeback ever" and World Series victory for all it was worth in the off-season -- just ask my fiance.

You might have to pay to read the Kaufman column, but it's well worth it. He's funny, and brings a slightly skewed perspective to sports that's appropriate for a left-of-center publication like Salon. But, unlike, say, NPR's Bill Littlefield, he actually enjoys the "big four" American sports and doesn't feel the need to pander to his liberal audience by pretending to like soccer. Ok, actually, soccer's great, but wussy sports writers like Bill Littlefield will not help soccer in this country, as they only confirm the mainstream public's suspicion that soccer is for elitist suburban liberals who dislike sports like American football that embrace humanity's innate violent impulses.

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