Thursday, April 07, 2005

Work vs the Red Sox

My two-day experiment with listening to Red Sox games while at work has been called off . I have NPR (local Boston station WBUR, actually; the best in the country as far as I know!) streaming all day at work, so thought the Red Sox game as background might work as well. But it's easy to have talk shows as background -- you can just listen with half an ear, and stop listening when you get a phone call, have a chat with the boss, whatever. But I kept finding myself putting off making phone calls "just until I find out if the Red Sox can get through this inning without hitting into an effing double play." Not conducive to getting my latest report written -- and banging my head on the keyboard doesn't count.

So you're saying you pay more attention to sports commentary than current affairs commentary? So why do you write so much more about the subject you're less interested in?
BTW, "deep in left field" could be used equally for both subjects for you.

I'm not deep in left field!

As for sports vs current affairs, I feel much more knowledgeable about current affairs. At least enough to reasonably fake it. Whereas my ignorance of baseball is still pretty vast!
And yet you feel the need to comment vociferously and belligerantly on a subject you confess to being ignorant about. Interesting...
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