Tuesday, April 12, 2005

They did it

Yesterday, a friend left me a message asking if I knew why four fighter jets were streaking across the sky over Boston. He asked if there was something apocalyptic happening that he should know about. I informed him that, yes, there was: the Boston Red Sox were launching the new season at Fenway as the World Series champions*. (Maybe the four fighter jets instead of the four horsemen?)

Yes, yesterday was Opening Day at Fenway, apparently an unofficial holiday around here. So, my fiance and I took the afternoon off (he was a bit less enthusiastic about this than I was) to watch the world series ceremonies and the game against the Yankees (at a bar, unfortunately, not at Fenway). It was great to see now ex-Red Sox like Derek Lowe and Dave Roberts show up, and get the huge applause they deserved. The game was great too, with Tim Wakefield yet again stymie-ing the Yankees line-up, and securing a 8-1 victory for the Sox. Wakefield is much more of a Yankee killer than Pedro Martinez ever was, for some reason.

It's tough to complain about a day when the Red Sox receive their world series rings and beat the Yankees soundly...but I'll give it a try. I wish the unfurling of all the World Series banners over the years, leading up to the new one, had been a bit less portentous; playing the music used for the opening of 2001: A Space Odyssey seemed a bit silly. It's not like they just defeated communism or something. To me, the celebration was really for the fans, last year's team, and all the past Red Sox teams that never won.

* Note the phrase "World Series" champions, not world champions, as, last time I checked, "the world" consists of more than the United States and two Canadian cities.

Both Boston and NY newspapers are saying what a reserved, low-key ceremony it was. Even Bud Selig said how perfect it was. Yes, maybe appropriately, as tasteful and understated as the rings themselves.
The newspapers also comment, and fully deservedly too, on the Yankee players' professionalism and courtesy in watching the ceremony from their dugout. And on the best and funniest bit of the whole thing - the crowd's reaction to Rivera, and his reaction to that.
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