Wednesday, April 27, 2005

new look

So, what do you think of the new format? I think it's easier to read.

It's a lot easier on the eye and aesthetically appealling. And, of course, blue is a much nicer colour than red.
I find it easier to read -- although perhaps that says more about my advancing age... Are you trying to start an argument about whether blue is a better color than read? If so, I'd like to argue at length about whether soccer is better than American football.
Maybe I was already talking about American football. The Patriots being much better than the Redskins. And at least I can spell red. And colour.
I'm two busy too proofread.
I'd like it if, during your hectic schedule, you can take the time to explain to me why in the US, red is the colour for the fascist, war-mongering, hate-filled, bilious, bellicose - er - right-wing political party and blue is for the left; whilst in the UK it's the other way round. Colour-wise that is, not the Labour party being fascist, war-mongering, etc. Although...
I would be happy to do that, but I have to do some research first. During the election last year, there was an interesting article written about the "red state/blue state" notion that's become shorthand for conservative vs. liberal, and how it's all based on what color the TV networks happened to choose for showing which states went for Bush and which for Gore in the 2000 election. And how it will change again, as they purposely alternate it so as not to seem to "color" (heh heh) anyone's views of the two parties.
So you're saying that it's yet another instance of TV ruling our lives? That they decide which colour is associated with what party, and keep switching it around? That's very confusing. How would a politician know what colour tie to buy?
I'd like to comment on bab's first comment. How do you go from having an opinion on which color is more likeable to wanting to argue about the qualities of two different sports in no steps?
We're just that good. Actually, it's because I recently had an argument with a work colleague/friend who is convinced that football is the one true sport, and he had to argue its superiority over baseball and soccer. So I commented that I find arguments about which sport is better than another to be as meaningful as arguing over whether red is a better color than blue. So there you go!
"We're just that good". Who's we? Exactly how many voices are there in your head?
Too many to count.
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