Friday, April 29, 2005

Bush's press conference

Much as I would like to harsh on Bush, I thought his performance last night was...not bad. It was good to hear him distance himself from the "Justice Sunday" atrocity of last week, where key Republicans (including alleged presidential candidate Bill Frist, who just plain gives me the creeps) claimed that Democratic opposition to certain Bush judicial nominees is a form of religious persecution. Uh huh. I thought the Republicans were against the whole "victim" culture and special interest group reductiveness [ok, is that a word?] promoted by the Democrats. Guess not when they think THEY'RE the ones being oppressed.

Anyhow, Bush clearly didn't want to associate himself with them, although he didn't condemn them either. But that's hardly to be expected. The question is, will he kowtow to them behind the scenes, while distancing himself in public?

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