Monday, March 21, 2005

The transformation is complete

I do not have an opinion on whether Terry Schiavo should be kept alive, as I know next-to-nothing about her and what kind of life she is leading now. But what is striking about yesterday's Congressional vote to allow federal courts to intervene in this case is that we are seeing the official end of the Republican party as the party of limited government and states' rights. This is not exactly a news flash, as this process has been underway since Bush came into office in 2000. Still, it's striking how the Republicans who have control in the party now have really abandoned the ideas that led them back to power from the dark days (for them, that is) of the 1960's. They are now the party that has significantly increased federal fiscal commitments through the Medicare prescription drug program; readily supercede states' rights regarding drug policy, assisted suicide, and now this Schiavo case; and, support military interventions in situations that are not clearly in the immediate American interest (i.e., spreading democracy). I'm not necessarily against these things, mind you, just find it noteworthy that Republicans have been so easily lured by the power of the federal government. I always thought that Republican claims to be more principled in the matter of small government to have a significant baloney factor, but even I have been surprised at how quickly they have abandoned so much of what they supposedly believed in.

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