Friday, March 11, 2005

Some Prius owners are Republicans

I am mystified as to why Mickey Kaus is so incredulous that 21% of Prius owners might be Republican:

<<21.6 percent of Prius owners are Republicans? I deny it. ... Did they weight by party I.D.? Where is Ruy Teixeira when you need him? ... P.S.: According to the survey, only 34.6 percent of the Priusers are Democrats. What about the remaining 44 percent? Were they independents--or Greens and Naderites? Democrats attempting to copy Ken Mehlman's auto-centric voter-targeting operation want to know.>>

I don't find that particularly hard to believe. First, there's the "gadget factor": One of the first people I knew who bought a hybrid was an engineer, who was at best apolitical, and somewhat conservative. However, he was also a guy who loved cars and loved gadgets. He bought a Honda Insight

Second, the Prius is hugely popular in Northern Virginia -- it's the number one market for the Prius. While NoVa is certainly more Democrat than the rest of the state, it's hardly a hotbed for radical activitists. It's not, say, Tacoma Park. Given how many Prius owners there are, would it really beggar belief that some small percentage are actually Republicans who like the idea of a cool new car, with good mileage, that gets them into the HOV lane during rush hour? Oh, and that costs a few thousand more than a comparable car -- Republicans are more likely to have the extra cash laying around...

Now, as for the story that neocons are big on hybrids...that I'm skeptical about. There may be a few, but I doubt that buying a hybrid car is now de rigeur for the neocon set.

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