Thursday, March 17, 2005

Congress is wasting your money

Yeah, I know, a "dog bites man" headline. But usually Congressional hearings don't get much attention unless they actually mean something. Approximately 95% of Congressional hearings are just pointless "information-gathering" exercises. The few that are meaningful -- Senate confirmation hearings, for example -- are the ones that get attention. The hundreds of silly ones are only of interest to a few lobbyists, congressional reporters, and the witnesses.

Except today. Where we all get to see one of those silly hearings broadcast on ESPN and reported on by the mainstream media.

Now normally, I love to defend the federal government, and Congress in particular, against those who complain that they waste time and money and don't get enough done (hint: it's GOOD that Congress is not very efficient!), but this hearing is really a sad embarrassment. Why is this committee holding this hearing? What do they except to get out of it? I gotta tell ya, folks, Mark McGwire is not going to come up and say, yup, I did cheated, I was juiced on steroids, and my home run record is a joke. Ain't gonna happen. Instead we'll get a whole lotta nothing from the players that we suspect, intelligent comment from Curt Schilling, and posturing from congressmen (and women).

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